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My name is Chris “DnD” Leonard and I moved to Belize in 2019.  I had plans underway for the Cerros Maya Disc Golf Course for nearly 6 years before moving.  By March 2020 Prodigy had shipped Baskets to Belize and within 2 days the baskets were installed at Cerros Sands waterfront community.  Prior to moving to Belize, I was involved with local clubs and organizations around Boise, Idaho and upon moving to Southern California the San Diego and Los Angeles areas.

The first club I joined when I barely knew anything about the sport was Gem State Disc Golf Club in Boise.  We actually advertised Cerros Sands at the Idaho Masters Event all the way back in 2014 and sponsored 2 other new players that year.  This would just be the beginning.  When I arrived in California I hit the scene and played every event possible, I joined the San Diego Aces Disc Golf Club and met quite a few other die hard disc golfers.

A few of us decided to start our own club as we were traveling every weekend and sharing airbnb’s and throwing parties it only made sense.  We decided to use a name I had long used for social media and gaming, Drunk N Disorderly.  The club quickly grew, our club members were extremely generous with donations that we distributed at event like the Ice Bowls across Southern California.  In 2017 I started to also get involved with event planning, sponsorships and directing.  My first event to help out with was The Women’s Cup at Prado Disc Golf Course in Chino, California.  DnD donated $500 cash, a basket and a bunch of merch for the raffle.  I also flew my sister and daughter in from out of state to participate.

The following year I was asked to take it over and moved it to Oak Grove Disc Golf Course in Pasadena, California.  For a mid summer event it was a lot friendlier course with plenty of shade. We had decided as well with the raffle proceeds we would give all the funds raised to Bill Maury-Holmes for the Sky High Showdown women’s payout. We continued this tradition until I moved to Belize and also matched the funds raised dollar for dollar.  The tournament was handed over to the local women’s club in 2019 OG Mama’s Disc Golf Club and Marilou were also given all our tournament supplies including a 10×10 pop up and scoreboard.

Bill Maury-Holmes became a mentor to me as well as Allen Risley, they both allowed me to get behind the scenes and see how events were actually run.  They are both top notch TD’s with events like Sky High Showdown and Challenge @ Goat Hill I learned a lot from them before stepping into the Tournament Director arena.

Shortly after I moved to Belize, I had a message from a man named Bogi Bjarnason from Iceland and he was introducing me to another man from Nicaragua named Sam who runs Fenidivo and I was invited to Nicaragua to host their first event which to date is the largest ever in Central America with 53 participants.  There is more info on that here Ultiworld Article.

Covid literally hit the world hard in the days after the event and I was fortunate to be able to return to Belize.  Upon my return I reached out to Randy Dueck who’s family owns the Target Plus course in Spanish Lookout.  Planning went right into works for the 1st Annual Brooklyn Farm’s Open. This event is now the longest running event in Belize going into its 3rd year its looking like it will sell out every spot!

Notable History:
TD for 1st Sanctioned event in Nicaragua
TD for 1st Sanctioned event in Belize
TD for the Largest Tournaments in Central America as of July 5, 2022
TD for the Largest Single event Payouts south of the US Border (>$8000 USD) as of July 5, 2022

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