Press Release: 3rd Annual Battle for Cayo


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Local Contact: Chris Leonard
Phone: <670-8816>
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Spanish Lookout and San Jose Succotz to host the 3rd Annual Battle for Cayo Disc Golf Tournament October 22 & 23

Cayo District – 7/15/2022 – Belize Disc Golf, Target Plus, CountrySide Park and Trek Stop Disc Golf Course are pleased to announce that the Battle for Cayo will be held in Spanish Lookout and San Jose Succotz. The tournament is sanctioned by the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA). The PDGA is the international governing body for the sport of disc golf and sanctions well over 3,100 tournaments in 49 states and 29 countries each year for professional and amateur disc golfers. 


Belize Disc Golf stated, “Belize Disc Golf along with Sponsors Legacy Discs, Dynamic Discs and Cerros Sands are very pleased to come to the Cayo area for the 3rd Annual Battle for Cayo. The 3 Courses in Cayo Target Plus, CountrySide Park and Trek Stop Disc Golf Course offer different and unique challenges to all players and we are excited and confident in their ability to host an outstanding event.”

Disc Golf, or Frisbee™ Golf as it is more commonly known, is one of the fastest growing sports in the world with over 7,000 courses in existence and many more being installed each year. Belize is home to 6 courses and has the largest group of Professional Disc Golf members in Central America. 

The sport is played using the same general rules, terminology and etiquette as traditional golf, but instead of using a club to hit a ball into a hole in the ground, the player throws a high-tech flying disc into a standardized target. In general most courses are 18 par rated holes with diverse terrain and natural obstacles and the object, just as in traditional golf, is to play in as few throws of the disc as possible. Serious competitors carry a bag of approximately 10-15 discs, each one having a different flight characteristic, but the sport can be played recreationally with only one disc. Golf discs are very different in design from the Frisbee™ you play catch with and can be skillfully thrown by the sport’s top professional players as far as 500’ with amazing pinpoint accuracy.

Tournament Director Chris Leonard, “The Battle for Cayo was the brainchild of Randy Dueck, Miguel Nabet and I a few years ago, I believe the conversation went “wouldn’t it be cool to play all the courses out here in Cayo over a weekend and went from there” Since the first year it ran in 2020 we have added a 3rd course to the mix Countryside Park was installed in 2021 and was featured for the first time last year.  For 3 years now Legacy Discs and Cerros Sands have sponsored this event and we have brought in additional sponsor Dynamic Discs this year.  The Player Packs which are given to all Amateur competitors will feature 2 Brand new Discs from each company along with additional merchandise a retail value over $300 BZD while entry to the event is only $100 BZD.  Professional Players entry is $200 BZD and there is $2000 BZD added cash to the payout so some big paydays ahead for the Professional Players.  As of Today registration has players coming from Canada, USA, and Belize.

For additional information, contact Chris Leonard at [email protected]

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