Coconut’s Disc Golf Press Release


For Immediate Release

Local Contact: Chris Popovich

Phone: +501-671-1255

Email: [email protected]

Ambergris Caye –March 1st 2023 – Coconut Café, LTD and Dynamic Discs are pleased to announce that

the Coconuts Disc Golf Course (Coconuts DGC) is open and ready for play in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye,

Belize. The course is located at Coconut Café/Brahma Blue Resort and can be accessed by taking a short

ferry ride across the San Pedro Lagoon. Google “Coconut Café Ferry” for the dock location and the ferry

schedule, or call/email Chris Popovich for additional information.

Disc Golf, or Frisbee™ Golf, is one of the fastest growing sports in the world with over 14,000 courses in

existence and many more being installed each year. With the opening of Coconuts DGC, Belize is now

home to 8 public disc golf courses. The sport is similar to traditional golf, but instead of using a club to hit

a golf ball into a hole in the ground, a disc is thrown into a metal basket. The object is to get the disc into

each basket in as few throws as possible. Trees, shrubs, and terrain changes on the fairways provide

challenging obstacles for the disc golfer.

Coconut Café, LTD’s owners are avid disc golfers, and the opening of Coconuts DGC is the realization of

their longtime dream to bring the sport to the island of Ambergris Caye. Brothers in law Chris Popovich

and Bryan Huffman have played disc golf for 20 years, and when they purchased the Coconut Café in

2020, the idea of building a disc golf course was always in the back of their minds. A chance meeting at

Houston airport in April 2022 paved the way for that dream to become a reality. Sitting at his gate, Bryan

noticed a Dynamic Discs sweatshirt on the woman sitting across from him. He said “Nice sweatshirt, my

brother-in-law and I love disc golf! I’m just coming back from visiting him and checking in on our

restaurant in Belize.” The couple sitting across from him were Doug and Noemi Bjerkaas – Doug is

President of Dynamic Discs, one of the leading brands in disc golf. This random airport conversation led

to Doug calling Chris a week later to offer his help to make a disc golf course happen in San Pedro, Belize.

Over the past few months, Dynamic Discs generously donated and shipped Patriot Championship disc

golf baskets to Belize, Chris designed an 18-hole course, and with some volunteer help, Chris completed

full installation of the course in February 2023.

Locals, tourists, expats, pro disc golfers, amateurs, and complete beginners who’ve never thrown a

frisbee in their life are all invited across the lagoon to enjoy the 18-hole Coconuts DGC. Play is open now

and plans for a weekly league, future tournaments, and disc golf teaching clinics are in development. The

course is open 7 days a week from 7am to 7pm; player check-in is at the Coconut Café restaurant. Round

trip ferry transportation is $20BZ ($10USD) and discs are available to rent for $5BZD.

For additional information, contact Chris Popovich at +501-671-1255 or [email protected]

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