Belize Disc Golf Course Directory

Belize is home to one of the most active Disc Golf communities in Latin America, you can find most courses on Google Maps and Udisc
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Trek Stop Disc Golf Course – Cayo District in San Jose Succotz near the Guatemala border – 18 Holes with baskets $6 BZ/$3 US to play – You can reach out to them about overnight accommodations as well as their restaurant hours. 

Target Center – Cayo District in Spanish Lookout- 9 home made baskets and 18 tees. $5 BZ/$2.50 US to play, Discs are available for rent for $2 BZ 

Cerros Maya Disc Golf Course – Corozal District near the Cerros Maya Ruins and Copper Bank Village – 18 Holes with Prodigy Discs T2 Baskets. Free to play – Royale at Cerros Sands & Blackbeard’s Restaurant is onsite for overnight accommodations, food and drinks.  Thursday 10 am is league day.

Countryside Park – Spanish Lookout, 18 Holes played around the lake of the park. There is a parking charge on the weekends.

Walker Ranch – Mullins River, Stann Creek District – 18 hole course that can be played with approval from the owner Graham Walker – camping is available at this location with permission.

Aguacate Lagoon – Spanish Lookout – 18 Hole Course Free to Play

Coconut’s Disc Golf Course – 9 Hole Course in San Pedro – Located on the Brahma Blue Resort Property there is a restaurant and overnight accommodations

Warrie Head Resort – 9 Hole Course – This resort has overnight accommodations and a restaurant onsite

La Piccola Disc Golf Course – 9 Hole Course – Restaurant and Bar onsite


Mariposa Jungle Lodge has a 9 hole course and is available to guests of the resort

En Gedi Springs – Belmopan, Cayo, 9 Holes

Church in Belmopan has a Private Course

Monkey House – Progresso Village – 9 Baskets – 18 Holes 

Spanish Lookout – Private Farm – 9 Baskets

Private Camp – Mountain Pine Ridge, Cayo – 12 Holes


Natural Mystic Bar & Restaurant – Corozal, Corozal, Belize – 1 Basket and Discs – Putting League

Jah Mundo Bar & Restaurant – Corozal, Corozal, Belize – 1 Basket and Discs – Monthly Clinics

Blackbeard’s at Royale Resort at Cerros Sands – Cerros, Corozal, Belize – Practice Basket, Shop and Full Course (Cerros Maya) Onsite

BELIZE SCHOOL’S – UPDATED August 5, 2023 – These schools have at least 1 basket and discs that have been donated
Copper Bank RC School, Copper Bank, Corozal, Belize

Chunox RC School, Chunox, Corozal, Belize

Progresso RC School, Progresso, Corozal, Belize

Mount Carmel RC School, Benque Viejo, Cayo, Belize

Consejo Golf Course – 9 Hole Course – Consejo, Corozal (Event Planned July 6, 2024)
Bamboo Beach Resort – 9 Hole Course – Copper Bank, Corozal (Course Approved – Awaiting Funding)
Glamping Campground – 9 Holes – Mountain Pine Ridge, Cayo  – (Awaiting Funding)
Swirly Heads Belize Fruit Wines – 18 Hole Course – Unitedville, Cayo (Concept)

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This is informational only, we do our best to insure accuracy of the information but it is subject to change. Advise to reach each course manager for up to date information.